Dun Ultralett – Sport Tåkegrønn


Rock Dunjakker er fylt med 90% gåse-dun og 10% av de minste og mykeste gåsefjærene du kan tenke deg. Dette gjør dem svært varmebestandige, samtidig som de er lette og behagelige. Vårt nyeste design innen ytterklær for vinterbruk. Produktene er pakkbare, og kommer med en praktisk oppbevaringsbag.

Materialet og egenskaper

  • Ultralett dunjakke
  • Pakkbare (oppbevaringbag)
  • To front lommer
  • To inner lommer

Ytterstoff: 100% høy tetthetstoff og “memory” stoff

Fyll: 90/10 kvalitets dun

Vekt: 120g

  • Modellen er 163cm og bruker størrelse Small
Garantert Sikker Betaling


Feature Main

Down is the light fluffy coating found beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Most down grows on the breast and underbelly of the bird. Down is a three-dimensional cluster with dozens of soft fine filaments that radiate from its center. Lighter than a feather, down is the most important ingredient in a feather and down du- vet as it is responsible for generating the insulation and warmth. Down creates warmth through a process called ‘lofting’. Down clusters expand or loft to fill space and trap tiny pockets of air within their filaments to create thousands of insulating pockets.

Feathers are the rigid plumage found on the outside of ducks and geese. They have a flat appearance and are two-dimensional in construction. As a two-dimensional structure, feathers are unable to trap air effectively and have little insulation value.


Per volume and weight, down is the lightest and warmest natural insulator known to man. As down expands to fill space, it generates warmth with a minimum use of weight.


Down is light and pliable so it molds to your body shape leaving no space for draughts to creep in.


Down has the ability to absorb the moisture we release in our body and pass it off into the atmosphere. This ensures you are cosy but not clammy. Down´s ability to breathe means it can regulate and achieve a comfortable temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

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